From a young age I was immersed in competitive sport; In my early years in Suffolk I competed as a gymnast and then later as a track athlete. Although I loved sport, it plagued me with injuries and Pilates was the only thing which got me back on track, literally. It was through this cycle of rehabilitation and injury that I discovered my deep intrigue in the human body and body mechanics and I knew that my career would have to follow my passion. Leaving school I studied Sports Therapy at Birmingham in 2012 and then trained to become a Pilates teacher in London in 2016/17.

Formerly known as ‘Contrology’, until his death in 1967, Joseph Pilates created the discipline after practicing many other physical training regimens available to him in Twentieth Century Germany. He spent his young life strengthening and rehabilitating his own body after being diagnosed with Ricketts as a boy.

The result, Pilates, is a safe sequence of exercises which combines mental and physical conditioning and develops a strong body and a sound mind. The Pilates method focuses on using our deep core muscles which support the spine in order to build strength from within.

Body Control Pilates, with whom I did my advanced training, is Europe’s leading Pilates organisation and is medically approved.

In August 2017 I started my business after moving to Dorset. It is now my absolute pride and joy and I’m lucky to be in a career which I adore and to be able to work with clients who I can now call my friends. Watching their ability and confidence grow and helping them recover from pain and injury is why I love my job.
It is my honour to introduce you to the world of Pilates and carry on Joseph’s legacy.

“First visit to the new studio today – it is just beautiful. So light and airy with lots of sunshine and blue skies to see through the windows. Perfect.”

Karen V

“Charlotte is an inspiring teacher and I feel vey lucky to have found her.”

Sue W

Running alongside this is her vast knowledge of the structure of the human body, it’s clear that her training has been reassuringly thorough.”

Dave L

“Charlotte has a background in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation so you know your body is consistently in mind and in safe hands.”

Holly B

Charlotte’s group classes are both tremendous fun and challenging. She has the gift of making you feel that you are getting one-to-one attention even in a group setting.”

Lottie D

I was immediately impressed by Charlotte’s professionalism and knowledge.”

Stewart L

“I did Charlotte’s beginners work shop today, it was brilliant & very informative.”

Sue C

“I had never done Pilates before and Charlotte made me feel totally at ease.”

Amy D

“She is passionate about her work – always positive and inspirational.”

Gill C

“A wonderful class to attend! Highly recommend! Very attentive, friendly but professional.”

Holly B

Charlotte is a great person and an excellent teacher.”

Sally E